The Perpetual Online Summit

Each week we bring you a new speaker, a new panel discussion or a new topic to learn.
Discover and create the tools and tactics you need to create a strong, resilient prosperous business that allows you to quickly respond, pivot and launch in a rapidly changing and quickly diversifying local and global market.

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Traditional conferences always seem to happen the week you can’t make it. Travel plans, schedule changes and your favourite speakers happening at the same time. We create SPRING to be there when you need it. Your quarterly membership gives you access to all previous sessions with industry experts, mentors and leaders PLUS we bring you new content each week with new speakers, panels and subject matter experts to full support your business as it grows. All sessions are captioned and transcribed so you can get the information how you want it. Plus our speakers have created special products, coaching calls and offers specifically for SPRING to help you create a life and business that is strong, resilient and profitable.

New Small Business Owners

Develop your great idea into a resilient reality

Strengthen an Existing Business

Create a plan & discover the tactics to pivot faster

Wellness in Life
and Business

Managing change while reducing stress

ListenĀ  Live or Play On Demand

All Live Videos will be Captioned After to be accessible

Transcripts will also be available

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Meet the Speakers

When the world changes focus, create a business that can change with it.

The Online Summit that Builds Resilience, Strength and Prosperity

We are now seeing a new way to create community, building resilience and strength in small businesses so they can easily and quickly pivot to respond to rapidly changing needs. How do we keep small business thriving? How do we keep business owners healthy and resilient too?

SPRING challenges world leaders in business, finance and wellness to respond and lead in a new world of business.

A Sustainable Business

Bring diversity, support and expertise in your business. The reality is now we need to build a new economy that allows for resiliency when recessions hit, environmental patterns change and health emergencies come up – both in your family or in your greater community.

Be Open To New Ways of Doing Business

Join a community of business owners, coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs creating a diverse, resilient and community focused way of doing business.
Get ready to Spring!

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