Join a Community of Business Leaders Creating Momentum


Whether you are a business of 1 or 1000, we are seeing success happen when you’re supported by a community – nourishing the risktakers to take bigger leaps, be innovative and have the confidence to put their ideas out into the world

We are looking for speakers and workshop leaders who will explore these questions in their topics:

  • What kind of community do you need? What types of communities can you build to support you, your business and your clients?
  • What tools, tactics, team members and support systems do you need in order for your business to really thrive?
  • What does your audience of Ambassadors, Affiliates, Returning Customers look like?
  • How can you support them to keep coming back to you again and again?
  • What do business owners need in terms of nourishment and nurturing in order to be available for their business?
  • Making communities safe, inclusive and accountable

We are looking for Industry Experts with Skills to Teach

  • Speakers – 30 Minute Presentation with 15 minutes for audience questions.
  • Workshop Hosts – Workshops are interactive and the audience can participate in coaching sessions, creating a tool or tactic for themselves or learn a takeaway. These sessions can be 45 minutes or 100 minutes long.

How to be a Speaker
We rely on the community of our speakers to create an incredible event. This includes the experience the audience has during your session or workshop and also in promoting the event. We want to share the success with our speakers through a partner (affiliate) compensation plan. We recognize that some speakers may not yet have a large audience and so we provide a base honorarium or affiliate option. You will be paid in whatever is a higher amount.

  • Speakers: Compensation is $200 USD OR Affiliate commission (20% of all ticket sales through your link ) whichever is greater. For example if three VIP tickets (at $350) are purchased with your unique links, you earn $210 USD. If 10 people buy through your link, you earn $700 and so on.
    If you sell only 2 tickets we will stay pay you the base honorarium of $200. If you sell 10+ tickets, we will include a small Expo Booth at no extra charge. Includes a ticket to the entire live Conference. You will have access to a dashboard to see exactly how many tickets are bought through your unique link.
  • We provide training on how to tell your story through your session and workshop as well as how you can this event (and podcasts, summits and other platforms) to sell to your audience and new audiences before, during and after the events. All of this is available in our Speaker Centre. We also have special offers on our Partners who offer amazing resources for leveraging platforms, such as this conference to grow your business.

This is a community project for small business experts and mentors to connect with their audience. To help other small business owners, like you, discover new ways to grow their business, to pivot, to build resiliency.

We want this to feel like a community rising up and supporting each other. Want to be involved? Let’s look at what is currently possible.

How Are You Building a Community of Support?

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Become a Speaker + Expo Hall Booth Sponsor

Become a Speaker Sponsor: As a Speaker + Expo Booth Spring Sponsor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A 45 minute session for you to present your product or service
  • Access to the networking sessions
  • Small Expo Hall Booth where attendees can visit to view your promotional materials and visit your links. You can host hot seat coaching, product demos, workshops and sell right from the booth.
  • Two VIP tickets to the event – includes replays
  • Receive an affiliate link for promotion. Any tickets purchased through your link will earn you 20% of the ticket cost.
  • Access to the recordings for 6 months after the event so if you miss a live workshop elsewhere you can always catch the replay.

Who can Participate as a Speaker?

We are looking for a diverse range of business owners, consultants, coaches, health practitioners and entrepreneurs who have knowledge to share and a business to promote. If you’re not sure you are a fit – just ask me. I am happy to set up a call or chat over Facebook Messenger to see where you unique brand of value is.

What Are We Looking For?

There are three tracks for participants to find the information they need.

The conference is focusing on how business owners are creating the rules for themselves and changing the face of small business. How can we help business owners bring ease and profit into their business? Think accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, ease and joy

The second focus is for existing small businesses who need to look at diversifying their income streams, adding to their business or pivoting from how they traditionally made money. They might have brick and mortar stores or businesses but now see they need to provide ways to use their services without in-person avenues. They also want to diversify their income in the event that their main way of earning income is removed or impacted by forces beyond their control. How we do help them do that?

The third focus is for health and wellness for anyone thinking of or currently running a small business. How we do help business owners manage stress, find time off, create ease, add to their support teams and streamline processes to help them be strong and resilient. How we do we help business owners achieve that?

Presentation Style

Presentations can be live or pre-recorded. You can share right from your desktop
Should be no more than 45 minutes long. Visual and Audio. Auto captions will be provided and sessions will be recorfed.
We will give you an opportunity to take questions from viewers.

  • Demonstrations

  • Workshops

  • Podcast Style Interviews

  • Webinars

  • Excerpts from one of your paid offerings

  • Small Panel Expert Sessions

What is Your Expertise?

What are the 1-3 Key Takeaways an audience member will take away from your speech or workshop. If we ask them afterwards, what was the pure gold moment they had during your time on stage, what would they say?

How will you present it? Do you need to give out a workbook or a downloadable for the audience to explore further?

What is Your Offer?

If you choose to have a booth in our Expo Hall, SPRING members can work with you after they visit your page and learn from you. What Spring Exclusive offer can you create that gives value to Spring Members and helps you build your business? Is it a course, a coaching call, or something else they can buy from you? Offer a special SPRING member price or offer that they can’t find anywhere else.

Tell Us About Yourself

You will need a headshot, a bio, and how to contact you before you can submit the application. Once you have this and the previous two steps, APPLY ONLINE. We will respond back within 3 business days to either approve your application or follow up with questions or suggestions so that we can provide the best experience to SPRING Attendees.

Spring Forward. Build Resiliency

Join Spring as a Speaker, Presenter, Change Maker
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  • Leaders who want to challenge the norm and shape future world policies
  • Radical changemakers who are not ok with the status quo of racism, ableism or other prejudices eroding at team dynamics
  • Business owners who want to nourish themselves as much as their business
  • Business leaders who believe in building a sustainable, resilient business that gives more than it takes in the world
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in joining conversations around late stage colonial capitalism & how we can shape healthier economies
  • Collaborators who don’t see competition as the enemy but a challenge to say How Can We Make this Even Better?
  • Marketers who want to build ethical, thriving campaigns that encourage transparency and intentional consumerism
  • Idea Creators who want to test out new ways of doing things to an audience willing to experiment and go outside the box
  • Health & Wellness Leaders who recognize that socio-economic factors impact a person’s ability to nourish their bodies and minds and seek to create powerful conversations about what IS possible and how do we demand better for everyone – including marginalized populations.


  • If you shy away from racism, ableism or other prejudice that affects business owners and their team
  • If you refer to the above topics as “political”
  • If you don’t realize that owning a business IS political. The work your governments do affects your business directly.
  • If you think social impact is not the responsibility of business owners
  • If your topic or workshop has been heard before. What do you do that is unique?
  • If you don’t acknowledge that everyone has levels of privilege and that what works for one business may not work for another. This is not a conference for shoulds but coulds.
  • Those who focus on competition over collaboration.
  • Business owners who use lightwashing, Law of Attraction or gaslighting in order to sell positivity products. We don’t love & light over inequity in the world. Not every business owner is experiencing the same thing.