How to Write Your Way to the Top

Gabi Garrett

Gabi Garrett PR

Gabi Gabi Garrett is a writer by day, inspirer by night. She works with top level entrepreneurs on their messaging, media strategy and marketing. When she isn’t working with her executive clients, she writes articles in the self-help realm. After leaving her full-time job to become a writer, she learned, grew and developed into someone she’s proud of, as she now inspires the world to chase their dreams too! Her work on this topic has been featured in the USA Today Network, Elite Daily, Apartment Therapy, Tiny Buddha, the Elephant Journal and more.

How to Write Your Way to the Top

We all know that communicating what you do, how you do it and who you do it for is essential to succeed in business. Gabi Garrett will help you craft the perfect message for your business that lets your ideal customers know exactly how you can serve them. This presentation will help you define what you do, Where your magic message goes, How to decide what you need/want to share, Where this goes (How to Guest Blog) and How to find your ideal customers + Serve them.

Spring Members Get:

  • a 45 minute strategy call on your messaging with Gabi

  • a 30 minute strategy call + all bios written for you! (The perfect follow up to the presentation!)

  • an hour strategy call to create your content strategy surrounded by your podcast (And a how to to begin one!)