It all starts with your purpose

Joey Chandler
Joey Chandler Purpose Training

I first met Joey Chandler in an online business group. Both he and I had signed up but hadn’t really put the principles into action. He had been looking to dive into it and so was I before the subscription ran out. We formed a study group to move through the teachings. I have to admit, I signed up for the course to see the product owner’s sales funnel and then promptly forgot about it. But I didn’t forget Joey – and here is why. Joey knows his purpose in life. Besides being a great dad, an awesome partner and an avid runner, Joey helps other people find their purpose. Because he has seen when people are in their purpose, living their purpose and being their purpose – life just goes better. And I believe it. For many years I struggled working in corporate jobs where I was good at what I did but it didn’t feel right. I was always looking for the better job where it did feel right. After years of being told in annual reviews that I asked too many questions and I questioned authority too much – I left my corporate career in marketing and communications behind and started asking questions professionally. Now I work with neuro-diverse small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to help them create the rules – businesses that work for them. As Joey would say – it all starts with your purpose. I truly believe I didn’t start living until I was in my element – asking the questions others don’t want to ask of themselves in order for us to really truly have the best life.

Joey will be presenting two presentations during SPRING:

  • Before you do anything, get clear on your purpose
  • It All Starts with Your Purpose

About Joey

Joey Chandler is a purpose coach and host of the “What’s Your Purpose?” podcast. He helps people figure out who they are and what they are about and how to make more use of it in their life. What makes him different is that he can help people clarify their purpose in two questions so he makes purpose work fun and accessible. He lives in San Rafael, CA and you can find him most mornings doing his Grab Your Junk Workout where he grabs something (ball, luggage, ice chest, etc) from his garage and uses it in a workout. What started out as a way to just get moving is now an online zoom class that helps people be creative, get active and laugh. Three things that he thinks will help us all going forward.