May 2021 Sessions

The Tools, Tactics & Discussions You Need to Grow

Keynote Speaker

Katrina Young
Katrina YoungConsultant, Trainor, Coach

The world as we know it has changed forever, in its place we are seeing new leaders, ideas, and ways of building a business emerging.

I will share ways that you can embed The Business EQ Method to engage, inspire, include, impact and connect customers in innovative and meaningful ways to attract new customers, and markets

To help to shape the success of Business owners and Leaders.

After a successful career in Project Management and Marketing, Katrina now Consult’s, Trains, and Coaches Agencies, Corporations, and Business owners with In-House and Management Consulting solutions

Multi-award-winning named as one of the top 40 Digital UK Women to watch 2020, Business Consultant Online Innovation /Technology Enabler, Digital Transformation and, Marketing Specialist.

I work with ambitious scale-ready departments, SME’s & business owners to decide and design the most profitable and sustainable digital, marketing, tech solutions, and systems which are a perfect fit for their brand (vision).Offering CPD Accredited and certified solutions and strategy to audit and build Automated and active Sales Funnels, Lead Systems, and Client Acquisition Funnels.

A certified and qualified Adult Trainer as well as being trained with industry experts such as Harvard Online and Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Blending Academia, Corporate, Business, Practice, and Theory, a serial accomplished Entrepreneur and Consultant.

With over 22 years of extensive experience as a Marketing Strategist, Digital, Project /Product Programme/PMO Manager, and Digital Business Transformation Analyst.

Keynote Speaker

Cydney Mar
Cydney MarMulti-Passionate Entrepreneur

Have you ever said I have an idea, I wonder if I could actually make it into a REAL thing and make a living out of it?
In this presentation, Cydney talks about the process of figuring out if your ideas are feasible, actionable & scalable. She’ll have you looking at how it might be possible to find time in your schedule to actually build that business, what are the key questions to ask yourself & the necessary steps to create a profitable business.

Cydney Mar is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that lessons and skills learned to go with you, to help you be your multi-facetted best.

After a tragic accident ended her career as a National Level competitive figure skater, she went on to attend Fashion school, winning design and merchandising  awards and launched her own couture line, Cydney Mar fashion.  She sold in high end stores across North America and went on to launch her wildly successful Cydney Mar Collection on QVC, running in 8 countries for 15 years.

Eight years ago, she suffered a second near-death experience after mono crashed her immune system and caused her to lose most of her hair.  She turned her attention to her health and put her skills to work and, with the help of her naturopath, created Cydney Mar Wellness a vitamin & supplement company that is now loved worldwide.

Today she balances her work, serving her Wellness Clients with healthy happy choices and her Product Development Clients, entrepreneurs who are developing physical products as well as offering products & services to the Canadian Federal Government.

She is live in Montreal, Quebec with Princess Shilo her sweet schnauzer puppy, Chuk the budgie & Mr. Handsome the Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel that was found on the Summit.

Keynote Speaker

Kimra Luna
Kimra LunaMulti-Passionate Entrepreneur

Kimra Luna is a cosmic sensuality coach, somatic ritualist, pleasure activist and personal branding and online business strategist. She is the founder of the Riot Doll Society community on Discord and is the host of the Riot Doll podcast. Her podcast and Twitch channel cover topics on online business, self-healing, sex, love, relationships, music, sensuality, self-love, psychology and activism.  Kimra has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and The New York Times and has been interviewed on over 100 podcasts. She is a single mom to 3 boys and spends her free time going to punk shows and making vegan food for her family and friends. You can find her work at

May Sessions & Workshops


The Power of Reviews and Testimonials – Angela Bryant

Many people use the terms review and testimonial interchangeably but they are not the same. Both are important tools in building your online business, and your search ranking, reputation and business growth will all be influenced by how well you can collect and manage them. Join Angela to find out all about how to use both reviews and testimonials in your online business to maximise their impact.

What Will Participants Walk Away With:

  • Understand the differences between testimonials and reviews and why they are both important to grow your business.
  • Learn when, where and how each should be collected and utilised to maximise their impact. is a Sponsor of Spring: Changing the Face of Business

Naming the “Until” That’s Holding You Hostage – Tiana Dodson

So much of the culture of the Global North is focused on perfection–youth, beauty, style, health, success, etc. Yet, so many of us feel trapped on the punishing hamster wheel that is the pursuit of such impossible ideals. This has given rise to industries that are promising us solutions and strategies to whip our selves and bodies into the “right” shape. But they aren’t actually helping us in the long run, forcing us to sit in the purgatory of The Until. In this talk, I will break down why we aren’t finding our bliss or meeting our body goals, dig into how we stay in the “Until,” and start a conversation about what moving forward could actually look like.

What Will Participants Walk Away With:
1. A better critical analysis of how systems of oppression affect their self and body perception
2. An understanding of how their body image is affecting their ability to show up for themselves and others
3. Ideas for how to begin interrogating the conditioning that keeps them from living their best fat lives

Adapt To Impact: Showing Up As An Intentional Leader – Henri Metivier

If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that “business as usual” is bullshit. The days are over where profits take precedence, employees aren’t trusted to work remotely, and performative allyship is acceptable. The most successful leaders know that making a powerful impact is not a place to get to but rather a place to come from. They adapt to change, and it won’t happen by accident—that’s intentional leadership.

Intentional leadership is about making a decision today to show up differently tomorrow. It’s taking a bold, honest look inward to understand your impact on your team, organization, and the world.

What Will Participants Walk Away With:

  • Bring awareness to the type of leader you are or aspire to be.
  • Identify gaps in your leadership and prioritize the one thing you can change now.
  • Map out the support you need and learn our signature intentional action plan for leadership.

How to start, grow and monetise your podcast – Fathiya Fousseni

Launching and growing podcast doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming.
In this workshop you will learn:
How to start your podcast in the right way, so that you can turn it into a business, generate leads, use it as a marketing tool, build your authority and share your message.
How to optimise and grow your podcast using simple but effective marketing strategies.
How to monetise your podcast from day one even if you have a small audience.

Break free from shame, blame, & guilt – Unleash your soul’s true genius! – Shahkina Lakhanii

Shame, blame & guilt are the three big joy killers. The reason we suffer from them is because we have not only been programmed by our society for it, but also because of our core wounds of being too much and being not enough.

Most of us vacillate between these two states unable to shake them off for any extended time period. As a result you feel guilty and aggrieved for not being able to live your true potentials.

In this presentation, we’d touch upon the reasons why you feel trapped by your shame, blame and guilt and a simple way to break free from this viscous karmic cycle.

You will also learn one key strategy that helps me break state quickly, when feeling shame or guilt, so you can get to the heart of the matter and live joyfully.

What You Will Walk Away With

  •  You are born during these times to usher in the new era of a thriving world for all.
  • Your ability to live this above dream is directly connected to your ability to break free from the three joy killers. Namely, shame, blame & guilt.
  • You have what it take to break free from this karmic vicious cycle and create new neural pathways (habits) that support the joyful expression of your unique genius. All you need is to learn the formula & be willing to use it consistently.

Wired for Story: How to Use Storytelling to Build Trust and Boost Credibility – Unleash your soul’s true genius! – Anita Ramanathan

In a world where our attention span is shrinking, there’s one sure-fire way to get people to lean in and listen — by telling a good story.

Every time you’re asked about your business — in a podcast, at a conference or during a family dinner — you have the opportunity to share a story. By packaging your message into a story, you not only capture your audience’s attention in the moment, but also leave a lasting impression long after you’re left the conversation.

In this talk, you’ll learn how exactly we’re wired for stories and how to make storytelling your superpower to build trust and boost credibility.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • What makes stories so irresistible?
  • What are the elements of a well-crafted business story?
  • When and where should you tell your story?

How Natural Growth Cycles Help You and Your Business Flourish: Learn simple strategies to ensure long-term, sustainable success – Michelle Brass

The current world of work is a grind, and many of us with big dreams wind up exhausted, frazzled and burnt out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When we take our cues from nature, we learn a more effective way of achieving our dreams. For entrepreneurs who want to create a better world for our communities, it’s vital that we lead by example. HOW we do things is just as important as WHAT we do and WHY we do it.

In this presentation, you will learn effective energy management (vs time management) so you can focus on the great work you want to bring into the world in a way that feels good and models healthy, sustainable growth cycles for the new world of work we are co-creating.

With core principles rooted in Indigenous wisdom and the natural growth cycles of nature, you will learn simple and effective strategies to bring your big dreams to life in a nurturing and sustainable way that sets you up for long-term success and paves the way for others to follow.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • They will learn the 8 core principles of the SHAWL (Sustainable Health and Wellness Leaders) Program for long-term, sustainable health and wellness that will support them in creating their business in a way that is nurturing and nourishing and avoids burn-out.The 8 core principles are found in “WRAP”:
    Water and Walking – how these two daily practices set the foundation for long-term success
    Real Food and Rest – how these two principles are key for long-term energy management
    Attitude and Alignment – how these two philosophies create the mental clarity needed to bring your big dreams to life
    Prayer and Perseverance – how these two spiritual practices will ensure long-term
    success when faced with challenges and adversity, which is always found in the world of entrepreneurship.

Did You Use Your V.A.L.U.E. Today? – Aigné Goldsby

My workshop will be on my Black Esquire VALUE Method. Although I am a law school coach the method and workshop is for anyone who needs help articulating their value to others when it matters most. The Value Method is an acronym for value and stands for using your Voice to Advocate so others can Learn and Understand your Excellence

What You Will Walk Away With

  • They will learn how to figure out their value by looking within themselves and realizing their passion and skills.
  • They will learn how to craft a value statement and what to say when they need discuss their value with others.

Claim Your Self – Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

Whether you’re struggling with your claim, your About Me or your Clubhouse bio – we’ll go on a journey to get you un-stuck when it comes to writing about yourself, and to:
Re-connect with the person you’ve always been.
Shovel away shit that’s holding you back.
Reveal your identities…plural.

We don’t have to be perfect to show up for others. You don’t have to magically transform into a unicorn pooping rainbows before you’re allowed to get loud, and get your arse out there! It’s all there already, and you can uncover it. Let all the broken facets of your unique disco ball shimmer, and become the bouncer and DJane in your thought disco again.

Don’t let your anxiety of influence or your fear of copycats paralyse you any longer. The more you let your true colours show, the more readily you will attract the right clients (and repel the wrong ones – equally important, trust me)!

This workshop is for you if you dig, or are at least open to trying, soundbites from my areas of expert-ease – to help you stop being a hard-to-understand exper-tease:
Yoga, Music, Philosophy and Literature – with an added dash of trash TV references (and I may also enthusiastically dabble in a spot of wildly amateurish astrology).

What You Will Walk Away With

  • The Windshield Wiper: More clarity ABOUT YOU. We’ll take a road trip down memory lane to help you get some distance and increase your focus on your USP right NOW.
  • The Block Buster: Fewer impediments for your INNER DISCO DIVA mean a deep dive to your imposter’s digs. We’ll get you breathing, moving & singing the mindfuckery away(er)!
  • The Muse Kiss: A breath of fresh air for your inspiration – to get you (yes, YOU!) to write your KILLER CORE MESSAGING. That may just result in your very own tribe of superfans.

The Storyselling Matrix: Expanded – Adil Amarsi

This training will take you through my 3 step pattern for figuring out your deep core story, how to use that core story to attract the right people to you, and most importantly, how to profit from your story with integrity.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Know what your story is
  • How to tell your story in a way that is persuasive
  • How to use your story to profit and also use it for true content.

Get Known Everywhere Using Publicity – Jill Lublin

Discover how to be the #1 Influencer and leader in your industry by boosting your credibility and amplifying your media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill Lublin shares simple strategies and provides cost-effective short‐term, doable tactics. Helping you understand what the media is looking for, so you and your brand can stand out, get noticed and go from unknown to newsworthy.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Understand the real purpose of publicity- To boost your credibility and amplify your visibility.
  • Uncover your “Oooooo, Ahhhhhh!” factor. Find the Wow! that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • You are the news! Craft a riveting message that lets others know who you are and what you do.

Using Herbs to Power Your Business, Relieve Stress, as You Gain Clarity & Focus? – Mel Mutterspaugh

Let’s face it, running your own business can be a bit of a struggle. Whether it’s the day to day stresses of having to figure it all out, or if you just want to have a bit more clarity and focus on the task/s at hand.
You can do it, and you can do it without getting burnt out.
In this class you’ll earn the best herbs to support you on your business journey. Whether it’s herbs to support your nervous system, or ease stress, or the best herbs to power your brain through the entire workday, you’ll leave this class knowing which plant friends you can choose to support you on your journey!

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to support your nervous system with plant medicine
  • How to increase mental clarity and focus
  • The importance of self care to maintain your life and your business!
  • Sustainable bodies, make sustainable businesses and they make a sustainable planet!

How to Manage Your Time So You Can Launch Your Next Offer: Best practices for the chronically Disorganized, Overwhelmed, and Distracted. – Roxanne Jarrett

Are you super-passionate about what you have to offer, but have trouble following through on your dreamy goals, no matter how many times you get up and try again? If you are diagnosed with ADHD (or if you show some of the traits), you may want to consider a different approach. Join Roxanne for this highly informative talk, and pick her brain with your burning questions!

What You Will Walk Away With

  • What to do before even you think about setting a deadline
  • The one thing to start before you’re ready if you want to release overwhelm
  • How to stay focused and get more done during your work sessions

Why Jealousy is a Superpower – Iona Holloway

Jealousy is a “shameful” emotion most people don’t want to admit feeling, but left unchecked and ignored jealousy can shrink your self-worth, and throttle your business. In this presentation you’ll discover new ways to understand your jealousy and learn how to leverage the green-eyed monster to get braver in your business.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How jealousy is connected to self-worth, scarcity, and untapped dreams
  • Why shame steals the lessons jealousy can teach you about your businesses
  • Learn how to turn envy from a weapon to a wand by begging, borrowing, and stealing in empowering ways.

Profitability in a Late Stage Colonial-Capitalist Economy – Anuradha Kowtha

In this two hour workshop, Anuradha will guide the participants in a series of activities and discussion prompts to help assess where their organization currently is within the paradigm of colonial-capitalism so they know where they need to start. In the second half, together we will start to create a personalized blueprint for your organization to move forward with potential avenues to create and sustain profitability while doling your important work. You’ll walk away with practical and tailored solutions for your organization.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Ways to create leverage in your business without resorting to hierarchy and exploitation.
  • Generative approaches to profit well beyond money and your bottom line.

The Gentle Power of Flow – Laura Donnelly

This event can be an educational talk or a participatory workshop.

Focusing on the basic principles of Body-Brain Balance people will explore tensing (stress) and easing (flow) in their systems. They will learn how tensing anywhere is tensing everywhere and how this stress from tensing unbalances us. Participants will discover how to shift from tensing to easing and allow themselves to move into their optimum Flow State. Guided activities will allow exploration of differences in conversation and action when tensing or easing.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to identify stress and flow in their system
  • The importance of focus for shifting out of tensing and into easing
  • How to activate their optimum Flow State

The Magic of SEO: Creating Content Google Loves – Bobby Warren

There are a lot of technical aspects of SEO that can be difficult to comprehend initially, but you can unlock the key to ranking higher in Google searches by understanding how to create content Google loves. You will learn insights to craft better copy and improve what you have in “The Magic of SEO: Creating Content Google Loves.”

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Structure your blog posts to best convey the intent of your article
  • Determine if your article has the best primary and related keywords
  • Discover what main points you need to cover in your blog articles

How Video Marketing + The Megaphone Method Can 27X Your ROI in the Next 90 Days – Kathleen Celmins

Learn how to use the Megaphone Method, our proven system that allows us (and our clients) to take one piece of content and repurpose it 27 times to get the maximum amplification on our efforts.

What You Will Walk Away With

You’ll learn why content marketing matters, why you should consider video even if a lot of hesitations come up for you as to why you can’t do video, and how to make sure you never run out of content that will get your message in front of more of the right people without you having to actively think about marketing every day.

Reclaim your schedule as a small business owner with holistic time management – Becca Rich

As a small business owner, managing all of your hats and finding time off is a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. When you break the typical rules of productivity hacks and hustling and start holistically managing your time ease, profit, and health are easy to make a reality.

This presentation will help any small business owner who wants to find a new & sustainable way of managing their time.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to create a unique schedule that allows you to holistically + simply manage your business, health, & life.
  • Why it’s so hard to step off the productivity hamster wheel and finally take time off
    as a business owner
  • Why typical time management advice/hacks just don’t work (without burning you out)

Leverage your Knowledge to Create Communities of Raving Fans – Mike Wayne

I will breakdown my strategy of leveraging your unique zone of genius to cultivate communities of raving fans.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • The importance of zoning in on tour genius’
  • How to create funnels & nurture your funnel
  • How to create programs that tour community actually wants

How to Create Well-Lubricated + Orgasmic Operations for next level pleasure, productivity, and profits! – Veronica Yanhs

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a deliciously orgasmic backend for your business (hello, your operations!) so that you can confidently run a business that feels good, is productive, and actually profitable! Let’s be real: operations are like the business middle-child…they’re ignored in lieu of other more fun things, like marketing and branding. We know that marketing and branding will bring clients to your door, and we’re here to show you how operations can allow you to serve them with integrity and ease!

What You Will Walk Away With

You will be walked through the Orgasmic Operations Framework (People, Purpose, and Process), and within each pillar, we’ll walk through one action item within each pillar.

How to Hold Space for Yourself to Stop the Overwhelm and Tap into Your Intuitive Knowing – Annemiek van Helsdingen

In this nourishing and experience-based workshop, you will learn how you can use the principles of Holding Space to learn to step out of overwhelm and tap into your intuitive knowing.

Imagine what might happen when you are able to listen to the deepest wisdom you have and co-create with life instead of trying to wrestle with life and make it go your way!

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Principles of Holding Space
  • How to use them to support others and each other
  • How to use them to support yourself

Reconnecting to Our Body for Better Days, Productivity and Intuition – Katherine Creighton Crook

One of the most damaging aspects of online business ‘bro’ culture for the last 10+ years has been the idea of subjugating the body in pursuit of success. Who needs sleep? Who cares about aches & pains? Push through. Push, push, push… and you’ll be successful. If you haven’t burnt out first.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a shift from the ‘go go go’ culture to understanding our bodies exist in cycles, can’t be ‘on’ all the time, and need rest and play as much as we need work. Still, a legacy of ignoring our bodies, putting them through stress, and pushing their nudges away can leave us disconnected. We carry tension, imbalances and stress that interfere with our day without even realising.

In this workshop, we’ll look at the ways we’ve taught ourselves to ignore our body’s signals, how reconnecting to our body can help us feel better throughout the day, be more productive (via more focus & energy) and create a better connection to our intuition. We’ll talk about the many different ways our body speaks to us, what the long-term effects of ignoring those messages usually are, and the process by which we can rekindle that connection with our body.

Participants will go through breathwork, stretching and movement techniques to reconnect to their body and hear what it needs. They’ll use these connection techniques to start interpreting sensations they notice, whether they’re carrying imbalances/tension or storing emotional stress, or if those physical sensations are intuitive guidance from their bodies.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • A breathwork technique to improve their breathing mechanics, relax their neck & shoulders, and connect to their bod
  • An understanding of the various ways that the body talks to us, and some guidance to explore what their body’s own unique way of speaking to them is (via journal prompt/practice)
  • A chest stretch to improve seated posture and demonstrate how we can feel better even if we’re not already in pain (aka a higher standard for how our bodies feel) – and show how nourishing & effective very, very gentle & subtle stretches can be
  • A memory externalising technique to help make checking in with their body a daily, throughout-their-workday habit

How to Sell Books In Person – Clare C. Marshall

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. “But Clare, we’re in a pandemic!” Yes, but the world’s not going to be in quarantine forever. If you’re thinking about setting up a table and selling your book(s) at your future local writer’s festival, market, or comic convention, then this presentation is for you.

Clare C. Marshall writes, publishes, and sells her fantasy and science fiction novels under her own imprint, Faery Ink Press. And hey, maybe you’ve written a book too. Cool! But guess what – selling books is a very different game than publishing! Especially selling in person: you only have a few minutes to make the right impression before your customer escapes into the crowd.

Since 2013, Clare C. Marshall has travelled the country (Canada) handselling thousands of novels at craft shows, comic conventions, and festivals – and, she’s blogged her entire experience. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the benefits of selling in person, how to display your books so they catch the customer’s eye, how to sell without being salesy, and what to do when everything goes sideways. Because it will! Featuring the time two-thirds of her stock didn’t show up at the venue, what she says to people who says, “Oh, but are you even making any money doing this?” (to her face!), and soldiering on, despite imposter syndrome.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Display & Presentation – Tips on displaying your books/product so you don’t look like you’re selling at a garage sale.
  • The Sales Conversation – How to engage with people without being too salesy and “gently nudge” them towards your product.
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome and what to do when everything goes wrong – I am constantly putting myself in situations where I feel like I don’t belong, or I’m a little out of my depth. Examples: selling in Montreal when my French n’est pas tres bon, setting up at a high-end craft show for the first time (everyone’s displays were what I could only describe as “Etsy chique”), and oh yeah, the time when two-thirds of my stock didn’t show up at the venue (and it was my fault).

Managing Your Team for YOUR Self-Care – M. Angelique Lucas

This presentation focuses on the five skills that must be mastered to be a great boss while also reviewing how best to retain and engage your team. When all of these things are in place, it’s much easier to produce more while working less and focus on your own self-care. When the right team is in place you can focus on you without worrying about your business. We go over setting up a few self-care habits that others see you living so they know they can do it to, which ultimately supports them on the same path and raising the environment for all.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Self-care is a must for growing to the next level in your business
  • Delegation is key for your survival
  • Self-care isn’t as hard or as formal as you believe

Building Inclusive, Peak Performing Teams – Faith Clarke

Peak performing teams don’t just happen and an ineffective, out-of-sync team can really hurt your business. Out of sync teams just don’t have the collective energy needed to sustain its productivity (imagine how things cancel out when people are out of sync with each other). It’s not just about individual passion and expertise. Figuring out how to help people think and act together CONSISTENTLY and EFFECTIVELY is the key. A group of experts does not become an expert team, but one can be built using basic performance psychology principles. This workshop will share simple, research backed practices for unlocking high-quality teamwork and maintaining peak performance over time.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • a fundamental team onboarding strategy that helps potential team members trust each other and the team as a whole
  •  the typical stages peak performing teams go through and a specific strategy for helping their team move to the next stage
  • simple strategies for building greater inclusion in their team

 The key to overcoming Fear, anxiety and guilt and up leveling your business. – Quesia Raqib

Quesia has been around a lot of business owners. Every time she saw them procrastinate, undercharge, be exhausted or feeling anxious about selling, she knew she wanted to figure out how to help them.

Your belief system was formed at a very early age and is stored in your subconscious. Those beliefs are a combination of the lived experience of those around you and your own.

But many of those beliefs don’t actually apply to your current situation and are really holding you back from growing your business exactly how you want it to be. So let’s clear those out-dated & borrowed beliefs!

Quesia’s Mental and Emotional Release Session eliminates the negative emotions and beliefs preventing you from creating a truly fulfilling life and business. After this session, learn how you can raise your prices confidently, quickly take action in your life and career and leave procrastination behind.
Who are you meant to be?

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Imposter syndrome, procrastination, guilt & anxiety over selling, are all the result of our limited belief system.
  • Through Mental and Emotional Release, you will immediately change the way you view yourself and the influence you are able to have in business &life.

Health And Productivity – Katsumi Sakamoto

The Presentation will consist in an interactive talk between the presenter and the audience.
I will bring to the public, science-based facts about how your health can affect your productivity, with real life examples. All explained in a very easy-to-understand language.
The audience will have chance to ask questions to enrich the experience.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR PRODUCTIVITY (in any type of industry)

10 Ways To Get Booked For Speaking to Gain Insta-clients – Catarina Rando

People do business with you when you have influence. Speaking allows you to build insta-infuence. This thought provoking session will share the influence equation, why speaking works and and how to get started or upgrade what you are already doing to expand your reach, your influence and your impact. You will learn tested strategies to be speaking live and in person and virtually as much as you like.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to easily use social media to get booked • Best practices of loud and proud speakers that get easily booked
  • How to host your own Zoom event each month so you always have something to invite people and much more.

How to Navigate Challenging Moments – Charlene Gethons

In this workshop, you will be taught mindfulness and therapeutic skills to help you to navigate times of difficulty and uncertainty so that you feel more ease and less stress.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Recognize when you are experiencing a challenging situation
  • Learn what to do in that moment to help you to feel better and to stop things from getting worse
  • How to stay calm and relaxed when things get tough

Using the C4 formula to uproot imposter syndrome and fuel your explosive success. – Lacey Grim

In this workshop Lacey will guide participants through the process of uprooting core beliefs that are hold us back while coming up with an authentic and self-satisfying course of action that will guide growth and eliminate the need for finding ‘the perfect system’ while tapping into your own creative intuition.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Self-diagnosis
  • Developing personal and business plans
  • Aligning work life and business to prevent burnout and overwhelm

The Healing Power of Exchanging Your Gifts and Talents for Cash – Shamaka Schumake

  • Workshop format, highly interactive dialogue with laser coaching moments.
  • Charge from a place of leadership
  • Owning your dignity , while honoring and trusting your client to desire to invest in their wellbeing.
  • Recognize the energetic space you hold as a service provider, and the necessity to have reciprocal energy exchanges for sustainable highly impactful work.
  • The first act of social and ancestral healing (even if you are a graphic deigns artist) is honoring both your energy, the imminent growth of your client represented by charging them at a rate commensurate to the impact of your worth.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Charge higher ticket with integrity and confidence.
  • Define success for yourself.
  • Release the need to manage other people’s perception of you.

Create marketing content for your business in under a minute – Suzette Bailey – SPONSOR

I will walk them step by step through using AI technology, like SimpleMarketing and Vidnami (an Ai platform that generates videos from content you provide) to fast track marketing as a business and entrepreneur.

As a presentation I will run them through the process but if I am doing a workshop I will walk them through step by step how to improve content marketing in their business. There will be no dependencies on using AI in either the presentation or the workshop but participants will be shown how AI can fast track the techniques provided in either the presentation or workshop.

What You Will Walk Away With

  •  Creating a weekly, monthly and yearly content plan for their business.
  • Techniques to consistently create content to market their business,
  •  How to use AI technology to fast track creation and publishing of content to market their business.

Micro-aggressions and Implicit Bias in the Workplace – Sandy Broadus

The Truth Map – Karolyn McKinley

If you’re feeling trapped, or feel the call to make a big pivot in your business, this is good news!
Hidden within whatever’s not working for you is a detailed map to a new future, if you’re willing to brave up and follow where it leads.
The path becomes clear when you commit to total truth about who you are and what you really desire in life.
And once you start taking action to bring it to life, that’s when the magic happens!
When you’re in integrity with yourself, you don’t need to know how it’s all going to work out; in fact, with your truth as your compass, its often far better than you can imagine.
Deep satisfaction and abundance results.
If you’re ready to blaze a new trail, I’ll give you a direct map to get you there.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Clarify your new direction, and the deeper desires that are calling you.
  • Create a personalized “desire to decision to done” map, so you know what actions to take.
  • Play with powerful ways to stay on course and anchor the change you’re seeking

DIY Website Webinar – Hans Groen

In DIY Website Webinar I explain what it takes to build your own WordPress website. It’s aimed at people who are just starting out and who need or want to create their own website. In the webinar I’ll explain what you need to do so, what the biggest challenges are and of course how to overcome these. We’ll also talk about content creation and the design aspects of a website. I’ll give practical tips on how to get started and what steps you need to take to reach your goal.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Understanding the basics of how a website works and what you need to set one up
  • Understanding the criteria for a good DIY website
  • Understanding the basics of DIY webdesign

Social Media Made Simple – Jamie Palmer

Learn to make social media really simple. By taking macro content and turning it into micro and nano content.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Clear content plan for 90 days
  • Cohesive social media strategy
  • A system for being more strategic with their social media.

Creating Beauty: Design, Make & Sell Your First Physical Product – Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

Whether you have an idea for a standalone product, or want to introduce a physical product to give weight and credibility to your service offering, creating a beautiful and sold-out new physical product might seem overwhelming.

In this presentation I will pull back the curtain on making a successulf physical product, whether you are interested in making a planner, a skincare product, a tarot deck or anything else.

We will examine what makes a great foundation for a new product, how to work with a designer, how to find a manufacturer and of course – how to SELL.

I am an award-winning product designer, and my products have been carried by luxury retailers all over the world. It’s not magic – it’s having a plan, and I’m going to give you that plan today.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to design and manufacture a physical product with no prior experience.
  • How a physical product can fit into your existing service offering.
  • How a physical product can be scaled.

Tea Time for Entrepreneurs: How the power of tea can transform you and boost your abilities as an entrepreneur. – Lynayn Mielke

What You Will Walk Away With

  • A new tool to create clarity in your business
  • Learning the impact creating a time for silence with tea meditation, can have on your business.
  • Learning how to nurture the most important relationship in your business, the one with self.

Branding Power with Pinterest – Kristin Houser

Whether you have an idea for a standalone product, or want to introduce a physical product to give weight and credibility to your service offering, creating a beautiful and sold-out new physical product might seem overwhelming.

Learn how to set up, use, and grow your business with the power of Pinterest and Branding

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Setting up a business account and optimizing your Bio for your Brand
  • Keywords and their power
  • What kind of boards should you have and what are boards for?
  • How to create a pin that is branded for your business and why branding is important
  • Tools to help you grow your Pinterest

From Procrastination to feeling Productive – Trudy Simmons

I will take you through a 3 step process that brings awareness to the patterns that you are using to procrastinate and how to move your business forward with renewed enthusiasm and motivation.
Once we are more aware of what holds us back, we are able to turn those actions into positive ways of taking the steps to GROWTH.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Why you procrastinate and how to recognise the patterns.
  • Why you are “busy” and the solutions to help you.
  • How it feels to be productive and what to do next!

Build Your Resilience to Build Your Business – Helen Soutar

In this workshop we’ll be exploring the relationship between resilience and business success. Learn how to apply The Resilience Framework to your own life and business so you can focus your time, energy and resources in the most effective areas for you.

We’ll use tried and tested activities to help you work out what skills and tools you need to focus on so you can build your resilience and relax in the knowledge that whatever challenges life throws at you, you’ll be able to overcome them.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Resilience is an essential skill we all need…and that it’s a learnable skill that can be built in advance, not just gained through experience
  • The key elements of resilience, how to build your skills in each area and how they work in conjunction with each other to enable you to develop more creative solutions to your problems and make better decisions

Disrupting BS in Online Business Space – Brigette Iarusso

How to create an inclusive, profitable and sustainable biz model that disrupts toxic capitalism. The role of sponsorship in high ticket sales
Avoiding saviorhood and burnout in pursuit of impact

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to embrace making money in integrity
  • Understanding that we create more impact from sustainability
  • How to build an equity first business that does not leave you depleted financially and spiritually

Success Has Nothing to do with the Law of Attraction – Janet Johnson

In this workshop, I will share 5 Dangerous Falsehoods when it comes to Succeeding in Business. They are:
1) I love what I do but its not about the money.
2) If I want to make more, I’ll have to work harder.
3) I don’t think I can make more money than I did when I had a job.
4) I don’t think I can handle it if I get bigger.
5) LOA: I am positively expecting great results no matter what’s in front of me. The Universe is arranging itself for my best interest right now.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • In particular, the top four beliefs are often discussed by marketing and mindset coaches in large conference rooms of mostly white women life coaches.
  • Unfortunately, these same teachers rely upon and profit from Law of Attraction principles. For BIPOC people, including myself, I find these types of lessons damaging and traumatizing. Why? Victim-blaming, ethnocentric selfishness, white supremacy, etc.
  • Here are real ways for a BIPOC person to overcome these four money blocks minus the LOA junk ~ from the BIPOC perspective. In addition, I cite the importance of looking closely at your money, analyzing, and making plans. Also, I cite the importance of creating efficiencies to save money. This is what leads to success ~ not LOA!

Business Model Innovation – Sarah Lakhani

Every business starts off as a business idea and then needs a business model to support it, give shape to it and test whether the idea will work or not. When you re-design or pivot your business, you should be looking at your business model. In this session, I will explain what a business model is, but more than that, I will show you how you can develop a new business model that helps you pivot your business – whether it’s because of changes in consumer behavior, new technology, stronger competition or anything else that disrupts your environment. We’ll walk through how to identify the changes to make to your business and how that affects your business model (and what to do about it). I’ll be using a little bit of design thinking in the examples/exercise.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • How to develop ideas for changes to their business
  • How to create the business model to support those changes
  • What Business Model Innovation is