Small businesses are facing a variety of challenges unlike ever before. Getting information they can consume in the way they best need it, is vital. Long courses, taking classes at a business school and learning everything indepth can be impossible for a small business owner who has everything on their plate.

Spring: The Online Summit will be an ongoing resource for small business owners, entrepreneurs, makers and artists who need access to resources they can’t get anywhere else. Experts and mentors who know what they are doing and are paving the way for a new way of doing business.

This is a PAID gig for speakers. I am not interested in a model where you work for free. We are in this together and together we will build a unique economy where people are paid for their work.

Summit attendees with be charged $49 USD for access to the space for 90 days with an option to renew.

This is a Perpetual Summit. We will keep adding speakers weekly so if you’re seeing this now – let’s chat!
Let’s make this big.

There are two ways you will be compensated for your work on this project and one way for you to earn additional income.

  • For every seat you sell yourself in the summit using your affiliate link, you will receive 50% of the ticket revenue back.
  • After the costs are covered for the administration, marketing and maintenance of the site, the speaker pages, the transcription services and the hosting for the videos, I will split the revenue with the speakers on a quarterly basis. So if you had a live session in the previous 90 days, you get a cut of all of the ticket sales just for showing up.

Then I have created robust speaker information pages for everyone involved. Your biography, your social links, your website, your picture, your presentations AND your products and services will be listed on the page. Yes! I want you to sell right from the page. Make it easy for people to buy from you by crafting a clear offer and direct them (with links) to your offer page.

This is a community project for small business experts and mentors to connect with their audience. To help other small business owners, like you, discover new ways to grow their business, to pivot, to build resiliency.

I want this to feel like a community rising up and supporting each other. Want to be involved? Let’s look at what is currently possible.

I promote the community. You promote the community. We build it together.

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Who can Participate as a Speaker?

We are looking for a diverse range of business owners, consultants, coaches, health practitioners and entrepreneurs who have knowledge to share and a business to promote. If you’re not sure you are a fit – just ask me. I am happy to set up a call or chat over Facebook Messenger to see where you unique brand of value is.

What Are We Looking For?

There are three tracks for participants to find the information they need.

The first track is for people who haven’t shifted to an online or diverse business yet. They might have just got laid off or let go or their hours drastically cut as their positions are being made redundant. How can we help them create income for themselves? They could also be disabled or unable to work in conventional offices, stores or other businesses. They want to create income for themselves – how we do we help them do that?

The second track is for existing small businesses who need to look at diversifying their income streams, adding to their business or pivoting from how they traditionally made money. They might have brick and mortar stores or businesses but now see they need to provide ways to use their services without in-person avenues. They also want to diversify their income in the event that their main way of earning income is removed or impacted by forces beyond their control. How we do help them do that?

The third track is for health and wellness for anyone thinking of or currently running a small business. How we do help business owners manage stress, find time off, create ease, add to their support teams and streamline processes to help them be strong and resilient. How we do we help business owners achieve that?

Presentation Style

Presentations can be live or pre-recorded.
Should be no more than 45 minutes long. Visual and Audio.
If you are preferring live, we will give you an opportunity to take questions from viewers.
If you are open to being on a panel, they will be live.

  • Demonstrations

  • Workshops

  • Podcast Style Interviews

  • Webinars

  • Excerpts from one of your paid offerings

  • Small Panel Expert Sessions

What is Your Expertise?

Create a pre-recorded presentation between 30-45 minutes. Alternately, you can submit several smaller presentations that contribute to a bigger topic. For example if SEO is your expertise, 3 10 minute videos that cover the top three elements of SEO people can incorporate now in their business.

What is Your Offer?

SPRING members can work with you after they visit your page and learn from you. What Spring Exclusive offer can you create that gives value to Spring Members and helps you build your business? Is it a course, a coaching call, or something else they can buy from you? Offer a special SPRING member price or offer that they can’t find anywhere else.

Tell Us About Yourself

You will need a headshot, a bio, and how to contact you before you can submit the application. Once you have this and the previous two steps, APPLY ONLINE. We will respond back within 3 business days to either approve your application or follow up with questions or suggestions so that we can provide the best experience to SPRING Members.

Spring Forward. Build Resiliency

Join Spring as a Speaker, Presenter, Change Maker
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