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Keynote Speaker

Katrina Young
Katrina YoungConsultant, Trainer, Coach

After a successful career in Project Management and Marketing, Katrina now Consult’s, Trains, and Coaches Agencies, Corporations, and Business owners with In-House and Management Consulting solutions

Multi-award-winning named as one of the top 40 Digital UK Women to watch 2020, Business Consultant Online Innovation /Technology Enabler, Digital Transformation and, Marketing Specialist.

I work with ambitious scale-ready departments, SME’s & business owners to decide and design the most profitable and sustainable digital, marketing, tech solutions, and systems which are a perfect fit for their brand (vision).Offering CPD Accredited and certified solutions and strategy to audit and build Automated and active Sales Funnels, Lead Systems, and Client Acquisition Funnels.

A certified and qualified Adult Trainer as well as being trained with industry experts such as Harvard Online and Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Blending Academia, Corporate, Business, Practice, and Theory, a serial accomplished Entrepreneur and Consultant.

With over 22 years of extensive experience as a Marketing Strategist, Digital, Project /Product Programme/PMO Manager, and Digital Business Transformation Analyst.

Keynote Speaker

Cydney Mar
Cydney MarMulti-Passionate Entrepreneur

Cydney Mar is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that lessons and skills learned to go with you, to help you be your multi-facetted best.

After a tragic accident ended her career as a National Level competitive figure skater, she went on to attend Fashion school, winning design and merchandising  awards and launched her own couture line, Cydney Mar fashion.  She sold in high end stores across North America and went on to launch her wildly successful Cydney Mar Collection on QVC, running in 8 countries for 15 years.

Eight years ago, she suffered a second near-death experience after mono crashed her immune system and caused her to lose most of her hair.  She turned her attention to her health and put her skills to work and, with the help of her naturopath, created Cydney Mar Wellness a vitamin & supplement company that is now loved worldwide.

Today she balances her work, serving her Wellness Clients with healthy happy choices and her Product Development Clients, entrepreneurs who are developing physical products as well as offering products & services to the Canadian Federal Government.

She is live in Montreal, Quebec with Princess Shilo her sweet schnauzer puppy, Chuk the budgie & Mr. Handsome the Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel that was found on the Summit.

Keynote Speaker

Kimra Luna
Kimra LunaMulti-Passionate Entrepreneur

Kimra Luna is a cosmic sensuality coach, somatic ritualist, pleasure activist and personal branding and online business strategist. She is the founder of the Riot Doll Society community on Discord and is the host of the Riot Doll podcast. Her podcast and Twitch channel cover topics on online business, self-healing, sex, love, relationships, music, sensuality, self-love, psychology and activism.  Kimra has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and The New York Times and has been interviewed on over 100 podcasts. She is a single mom to 3 boys and spends her free time going to punk shows and making vegan food for her family and friends. You can find her work at

Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Tiana Dodson
Tiana DodsonBody Liberation Coach & Facilitator
Presentation: Naming the “Until” That’s Holding You Hostage

Tiana Dodson is a fat, Body Liberation Coach and Facilitator who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy, loveable, or worthy.

Through her work with the Fat Freedom Foundation program, she guides people feminine-of-center to reconnect with their bodies, destigmatize fatness, and learn about the harms of health being a measure of worth… all while finding how they can live their best fat lives.

Fathiya Fousseni
Fathiya FousseniMarketing & Business Strategist
Presentation: How to Start, Grow and Monetize your Podcast

Fathiya Fousseni is a marketing and business strategist.

She helps entrepreneurs launch and scale sustainable online businesses and build their authority through social media and podcasting.
In the last eight years, Fathiya shared the concept of, “Hustle free business”, helping thousands of entrepreneurs build online businesses that focus on authenticity, simplicity and community.

Fathiya is also the host of the She Wins Podcast, all about women empowerment and business. Her passion for podcasting led her to the creation of “The Podcasting Club” ( a platform that helps individuals start, grow and monetise their podcast with a particular focus on marketing.

Shahkina Lakhanii
Shahkina LakhaniiThe Soul Strategist, Your Sovereign Power Mentor
Presentation: Break free from shame, blame, & guilt – Unleash your soul’s true genius!

Shahkina Lakhanii, MSN

Shahkina Lakhanii helps emerging leaders release shame, blame & guilt so they can connect with the power of their soul and joyfully live their life purpose.

Shahkina has a master’s in nursing from the Emory university in Atlanta Georgia. Her nursing career spans over 35 years. She has done a lot of exciting things as a nurse including being an educator and a hospice nurse.

As a healer, mentor and a coach for last 11 years she has worked with clients from various backgrounds helping them release shame, blame and guilt and connect with their innate power and wisdom.

Anita Ramanathan
Anita RamanathanCommunication Strategist
Presentation: Wired for Story: How to Use Storytelling to Build Trust and Boost Credibility

If your response to the question, ‘So, what exactly do you do?’ is a heavy sigh, you need to attend one of Anita’s sessions.

Anita Ramanathan is an award-winning speaker who delivers high-value, energetic and actionable workshops on how to communicate sophisticated ideas using story techniques.

She once wore gloves and examined brain sections as a neuroscientist before becoming a science communicator. In her capacity as a science writer/editor, she uncovered and crafted hundreds of stories buried under numbers, data and dry facts. Anita’s unique journey gives her an excellent perspective on the real challenges that professionals face when communicating their message effectively—and with integrity.

Through her company, Word Cortex, Anita helps professionals bridge the gap between doing the work and communicating its worth, one talk at a time.
When she’s not speaking or writing, Anita is probably busy doing serious research on storytelling… by binge-watching Netflix.

Michelle Brass
Michelle BrassCoach, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Presentation #1: How Natural Growth Cycles Help You and Your Business Flourish: Learn simple strategies to ensure long-term, sustainable success

Hi, I’m Michelle Brass. I’m a speaker, writer, coach and entrepreneur deeply committed to the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples and communities. My work is focused on the areas of Indigenous food sovereignty, Indigenous health and wellness, personal healing and transformation, and community well-being.

I deliver presentations, programs and workshops that help people create health and healing in their lives so they can become the leaders we need to create a strong future for our families and communities.

I’m also the creator of the SHAWL Program, a health and wellness program that leads people to become Sustainable Health and Wellness Leaders (SHAWL), and eventually SHAWL Certified Facilitators, within their communities. We address the aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, rooted in an Indigenous approach to community well-being, and lead participants to understand the direct relationship between the health and healing of our people to the health and healing of Mother Earth, and vice versa.

I am a proud member of the Yellow Quill First Nation (Saulteaux/Anishnaabe) and reside on Peepeekisis First Nation in Treaty Four Territory in Saskatchewan, Canada with my husband and son.

Katja Brunkhorst
Katja BrunkhorstHuman Disco Ball
Presentation: Claim Your Self

Katja Brunkhorst, founder of Bright Idea Holistic Branding, is a Coach and Copywriter who helps empathetic changemakers in online biz reveal their identities…whilst reclaiming their sanity – and having fun! Her 1:1 salespage clients – fellow multi-passionate entrepreneurs – regularly celebrate six-figure results. A PhD in literature, a spectacularly unsuccessful “career” in rock music and decades of experience as a teacher and student of Yoga are just some of the tools in her glittering box designed to help you nail your combined power of mindset and messaging – to get attracting kindred spirits.

Katja’s corporate copy clients have included NIKE, Ogilvy, The Rainforest Alliance and The International Rescue Committee.

Adil Amarsi
Adil AmarsiThe Greatest Copywriter Alive
Presentation #1: The Storytelling Matrix: Expanded

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant, and podcaster best known for his ability to write story based, direct response copy.

Between late 2007 and the end of 2020, Adil has made his clients over $821 Million in sales and revenue using his advice, copy, and strategies.

His clients have included Jay Abraham, Dov Baron, Tony Grebmeier, and many many more people and companies across multiple niches and markets.

This has lead to being one of the most sought after, and closely guarded secret weapons for marketers and business owners online and offline.

Unlike other copywriters out there, Adil has written for over 400+ markets and over 14,000+ marketing campaigns which gives him a unique ability to verbalise copy on the fly for almost any market.

Adil’s abilities to find the right hooks for his clients to bring in readers and captivate them is almost unmatched and he’s developed everything around the art of StorySelling, where he combines classic direct response with story-based copy to create something far more powerful.

Being able to both write and teach, you’re in for a treat.

Jill Lublin
Jill LublinExpert Publicity Strategist & Consultant
Presentation: Get Known Everywhere Using Publicity

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book, Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories.
Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 25 years’ experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course and consults and speaks all over the world. She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, as well as obtain foreign rights deals.

Anuradha Kowtha
Anuradha KowthaBusiness Liberation Strategist
Presentation: Profitability in a Late Stage Colonial-Capitalist Economy

Anuradha Kowtha, a catalyst, educator, and Business Liberation Strategist, who works with small businesses and organizations to liberate their essence so they can meet these uncertain times with resilience and courage. My journey working across both public and private sectors has led me to see systemic issues like hierarchy and exploitation and find ways to address systemic issues at their root cause. The thread that runs through my work is illuminating and liberating individuals and small teams from the indoctrination and cookie-cutter thinking that comes from capitalism and colonialism, so they can provide bold and innovative solutions rooted in justice to their clients and community.

Roxanne Jarrett
Roxanne JarrettADHD Entrepreneur Coach
Presentation: How to Manage Your Time So You Can Launch Your Next Offer: Best practices for the chronically Disorganized, Overwhelmed, and Distracted.

Roxanne Jarrett is an artist and educator who coaches creative entrepreneurs with ADHD. Her signature systems help to prevent burnout by giving motivated innovators the tools and techniques to launch their offerings with more joy and less stress. Roxanne’s groundbreaking work with ADHD Entrepreneurs was selected as an Innovative Program by the 2020 International ADHD Conference and has been showcased on several stages within the ADHD expert arena. A severe trauma survivor who has ADHD herself, Roxanne emphasizes the importance and necessity of doing what you love for a living.

Angela Bryant
Angela BryantFounder, Angel Rated
Presentation: The Power of Reviews and Testimonials

Angela Bryant is the Founder of Angel Rated, an independent review site where you can add and read reviews of all the courses, coaches and tools you’ve used to build your online business. Her mission is to help female online business owners find the perfect person, program or platform for the next stage of their business growth. She created Angel Rated to help others cut through the hype of affiliate reviews and polished testimonials, and to prevent them from wasting time and money on unsuitable products.

Aigné Goldsby
Aigné GoldsbyAttorney
Presentation: Did You Use Your V.A.L.U.E. Today?

Aigné Goldsby is an attorney in Connecticut and Founder of Black Esquire® LLC, an organization that provides opportunities and resources for current and future BIPOC legal professionals. Through Black Esquire®, Aigné is a law school coach and equips BIPOC pre-law and law students to achieve their lawyers dreams by using their V.A.L.U.E. (VOICE to ADVOCATE so others can LEARN and UNDERSTAND their EXCELLENCE). She is passionate about increasing diversity in the legal profession and teaching her clients how to showcase their best selves. She is also a speaker and engages in diversity, equity and inclusion consulting. She received her J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law and her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College.

Iona Holloway
Iona HollowayCoach, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Presentation: Why Jealousy is a Superpower

Iona Holloway is a speaker, the #1 best selling author of Ghost – Why Perfect Women Shrink, and the creator of The Blacklight Method, her signature coaching framework. She helps high-achieving struggling people trade in “perfect” for “brave” and stop shrinking their bodies, worth, and power through vulnerability, creativity, and breathwork.

She’s tough as old boots, but soft as a marshmallow!

Melissa Mutterspaugh
Melissa MutterspaughClinical Herbalist
Presentation: Using Herbs to Power Your Business, Relieve Stress, as You Gain Clarity & Focus

Melissa Mutterspaugh is a Clinical Herbalist, Educator, and Founder of Mountain Mel’s Essential Goods, and Herbal Products company. She also hosts The Herbalist’s Path podcast where they’re on a mission to inspire a movement for there to be an herbalist in every home… again!

She’s got a great passion for teaching people to take better care of the planet, by taking better care of themselves. With a deep understanding of what it means to be a business owner in this day and age, she’s here to empower you to use the best plants to help you thrive in your business and your life!

Laura Donnelly
Laura DonnellyChief Easiness Officer
Presentation: The Gentle Power of Flow

Laura Donnelly is a teacher, mentor, choreographer, dancer, and writer. She teaches Body-Brain Balance, evolved from the Alexander Technique, Movement Fundamentals™, and Somatics.

Laura teaches people how to calm their minds, bodies, and nervous systems. People who work with Laura reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and discover their “right effort” to achieve dynamic balance in all activities.

Bobby Warren
Bobby WarrenFounder
Presentation: The Magic of SEO: Creating Content Google Loves

Bobby Warren is an award-winning journalist who left the industry to start a search engine optimization company that helps businesses and bloggers rank higher in Google searches by conducting website SEO audits, writing SEO-based content, and optimizing existing content.

He also teaches others his content optimization process in his online course. He also operates and markets

Kathleen Celmins
Kathleen CelminsMarketing Strategist
Presentation: How Video Marketing + The Megaphone Method Can 27X Your ROI in the Next 90 Days

Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of AmplifiedNOW, a video-first content marketing agency that helps people who are making the world a better place get there faster.

Becca Rich
Becca RichThe Holistic Time Coach
Presentation: Reclaim your schedule as a small business owner with holistic time management

Becca Rich is the Founder and Coach at The Holistic Time Coach. As a holistic time management strategist & coach, she helps successful entrepreneurs step off the never-ending hamster wheel of productivity and finally create the time freedom they started their business for in the first place.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, working hard was all Becca knew. But after becoming an engineer and burning out, she became a yoga teacher and reiki healer. She’s spent the last 8 years of her life dedicated to living in the present moment & unlearning the toxicity of hustle culture. She left her corporate career to spread her wings and travel the world with her husband, Brandon. Now… Becca works three days a week and spends the rest of her time hiking mountains, binge-watching Schitt’s Creek, and eating as much Thai food as she can.

Mike Wayne
Mike WayneCoach
Presentation: Leverage your Knowledge to Create Communities of Raving Fans

I help Coaches, Creators, Authors & Speakers Build Communities Of Loyal ‘RAVING’ Fans That Can’t Wait To Buy & Recommend their Services by optimizing their Lead Generation Funnels and Nurturing Sequences!

Veronica Yanhs
Veronica YanhsCEO, Business Laid Bare
Presentation: How to Create Well-Lubricated + Orgasmic Operations for next level pleasure, productivity, and profits!

Veronica Yanhs lives her life unapologetically laid bare. From the spreadsheets to the bedsheets she’s completely open about who she is: CEO, kinky, feminist, foodie, and a lover of puns. Since 2012, following a career in Product Design + Operations, she’s helped CEOs unkink their businesses through her digital operations agency Business Laid Bare. Using her Orgasmic Operations™ Framework, she helps CEOs create well-lubricated and orgasmic operations to make their next level of business insanely pleasurable, productive, and ultimately profitable. On the side, she teaches kink and BDSM to beginners in a fun and easy way.

Annemiek van Helsdingen
Annemiek van HelsdingenFounder, Academy for Soul-based Coaching
Presentation: How to Hold Space for Yourself to Stop the Overwhelm and Tap into Your Intuitive Knowing

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the Founder and CEO of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching. She brings 25 years of corporate change facilitation and executive coaching, 15 yrs of teaching coaches and her priestess background to offer coach training that is 100% aligned with the Sacred Feminine ~ deeply powerful and magical. Her work has since rippled out to 1000+ students and coaching clients in over 20 countries worldwide.

Annemiek is also happily married, mom of an amazing 9-yr old, lover of strawberries and dreams of leaving a world behind that can be truly enjoyed by the next 7 generations.

Katherine Creighton Crook
Katherine Creighton Crook
Presentation: Reconnecting to Our Body for Better Days, Productivity and Intuition

Katherine founded Leyton Sports Massage in 2010, intent on helping as many people reduce their day to day pain & keep doing the activities they love as possible. Over time, the approach at the clinic became more and more defined, and one of her favourite client compliments is ‘I’m never having a ‘normal’ massage again’.

Katherine focuses on understanding the source of any problems along with a holistic, structural approach to bodywork so changes are made quickly and last as long as possible. This approach, along with targeted home care, work towards clients’ long and short-term goals. Her clients come to her to stay in top form for their sport, to take care of the muscle-related discomfort from day-to-day life, or to aid recovery following soft tissue damage, either from injuries or operations.

Katherine splits her time running the clinic, seeing clients, spending time with her family including two Minecraft & Fortnite-obsessed boys and creating resources for clients on the clinic’s website and YouTube channel.

Clare Marshall
Clare MarshallAuthor-Publisher
Presentation: How to Sell Books In Person

Clare C. Marshall grew up in rural Nova Scotia with very little television and dial-up internet, and yet she turned out okay. She is the founder and author-publisher behind Faery Ink Press, where she publishes young adult science fiction and fantasy novels.

Her fantasy novel, The Violet Fox was given an honorable mention in the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards and its sequel, The Emerald Cloth, was nominated for Best YA Novel in the 2019 Prix Aurora Awards. When she’s not writing or fiddling up a storm, she enjoys computer games and making silly noises at her two cats, Pinecone and Pavlova. She lives in Calgary with her husband.

M. Angelique Lucas
M. Angelique LucasTransformational Health Coach
Presentation: Managing Your Team for YOUR Self-Care

Angelique Lucas is a no-nonsense and empathetic transformational health coach who’s also worked in Human Resources around the globe for over fifteen years. Utilizing her passion to help fellow humans thrive in this life, rather than simply survive, she combines her knowledge and experience in health and wellness with her many years of building and engaging teams through individual and group coaching programs.

As a yogi, world traveler and lover of essential oils, Angelique supports hectic professional women to prioritize their health and self without guilt or overwhelm.

Faith Clarke
Faith ClarkeFounder
Presentation: Building Inclusive, Peak Performing Teams

Faith started her career as a computer programmer on Wall Street, but quickly identified her passion for teaching. Her fascination with human motivation and her personal experiences as a mom of a child with autism led to her doctoral studies in performance psychology. She has also taken her talents a step further, writing a best-selling book and becoming the Co-founder/CEO of an educational organization helping families with autistic children.

Faith’s academic research and her numerous experiences with organizational teams have helped her curate a high-touch, systematic approach to human thriving and teamwork in the workplace, which has helped her clients improve operations, maximize productivity, and double their revenue.

Quesia Raqib
Quesia RaqibMental & Emotional Release Practitioner
Presentation: The key to overcoming Fear, anxiety and guilt and up leveling your business.

Quesia started her professional career 17 years ago as a Special Education teacher; this experience showed her first hand the affect learned helplessness and poor self image can have on a student’s academic performance and social skills.

Quesia later went on to become a Special Education Director and Behavior Analyst. It was her education coupled with her experience that caused her to realize the effect “Trauma” has on every aspect of a person’s life. Fear, procrastination, guilt and anxiety are a result of unresolved trauma. We can’t outwork our belief system!

It was this deeper understanding of the human mind that guided her to become a Mental & Emotional Release practitioner. Suddenly clients that were in and out of therapy for years, were able to release negative emotions and form a new a new belief system in a matter days.

Presentation: Health And Productivity

My name is Katsumi Sakamoto, I have a Ba in Physical Education and I am a Health and Wellness Coach.

It is no secret that the World is getting more and more unhealthy with each passing day. People are becoming more sedentary, their nutrition is getting worse and there are many other health hazards all around.

With those, we start hearing more about type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, anxiety, depression and other obesity-related diseases…

With a society that’s getting more technological with every minute, it’s a huge challenge to fit ourselves on a healthy lifestyle. We never have the time, means or even the will to change that. So, it becomes more of a MENTAL issue than a physical one.

That’s where I come in…

Caterina Rando
Caterina RandoFounder
Presentation: 10 Ways To Get Booked For Speaking to Gain Insta-clients

Caterina Rando, passionately serves entrepreneurs on a mission. She shares about speaking to gain insta-clients, selling with authenticity and being strategic to scale.. Her over twenty-five years of educating and empowering business owners, makes her truly masterful at providing a ton of value. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community and providing massive value while uplifting others.

Caterina is a podcaster, app creator, sought-after-speaker, workshop and retreat leader and a prolific author her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories.

She is also, the founder of The Thriving Women in Business Center in San Francisco, a place for women to gather and host workshops. Plus she also started the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle raising money for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training.

Henri Metivier
Henri MetivierLeadership Coach
Presentation: Adapt To Impact: Showing Up As An Intentional Leader

Not just a leadership coach, Henri is a conduit for people to recognize not just who they currently are, but who they are becoming. With demands on leadership changing across all levels of business, the most successful leaders know that making a powerful impact is not a place to get to but rather a place to come from. They adapt to change, and it won’t happen by accident—that’s intentional leadership.
Henri demonstrates his own method of intentional leadership with his clients from around the globe who seek to create a legacy of big, bold vision & impact that reaches beyond themselves and their business.

Charlene Gethons
Charlene GethonsMindfulness Meditation Teacher
Presentation: How to Navigate Challenging Moments

Charlene is a psychotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, speaker and coach. After sustaining a TBI in a motor vehicle accident in 2013, Charlene discovered mindfulness and used it to navigate her difficult and challenging circumstances.

These days, Charlene is helping others learn how to be more resilient, to face their doubts and fears and to do hard and challenging things. As part of her business, The Mindfulness Journey, Charlene uses proven mindfulness practices to empower overwhelmed entrepreneurs to get out of their own way so the they can feel more confident in their choices and decisions.

Lacey Grim
Lacey GrimHolistic Health & Business Coach
Presentation: Using the C4 formula to uproot imposter syndrome and fuel your explosive success.

Lacey is a holistic health and business coach, author and self-sufficiency mentor helping people tap into their unique and powerful ability to create a more successful AND satisfying life. Author of ‘I Belong Here’–a guided workbook giving people the outline to develop a system for success in their lives, reconnect to their lost authenticity and dismantle imposter syndrome, Lacey partners with people all over the globe in marketing, branding and systemizimg and building added streams of revenue.

Shamaka Schumake
Shamaka SchumakeUnapologetically Aligned Leadership Trainer
Presentation: The Healing Power of Exchanging Your Gifts and Talents for Cash

Shamaka Schumake is one of the Gulf Coast’s most-requested trauma informed aligned leadership, social and climate justice speakers, as well as a community organizer, momentum builder, author, trauma informed leadership trainer and poet whose global platform has reached and served over 10 thousand people. From a struggling single mom to a community leader, Shamaka’ s courage and determination has inspired worldwide and helped countless audiences break through their sense of powerlessness to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential to transform their community and the world.

Suzette Bailey
Suzette BaileyCEO and CoFounder,
Presentation: Create marketing content for your business in under a minute

I’m a unicorn! That is to say, I’m a bioscience graduate who built a
successful multi-million dollar Australian IT company, which celebrated
its 21st birthday last year as a recognised leader in delivering information
and records management services to Government and businesses.

In 2020 I co-founded an AI startup to support small businesses with
content marketing, a challenge I also faced. As CEO, I’ve led the
development of an AI Content Engine, which generates unique and
original marketing content. Our AI content engine writes a range of
content for our customers, including blog, LinkedIn and Facebook posts.

As a recognised expert in systems thinking, for 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of large organisations to restructure and automate their systems to cut costs and refocus staff on higher value tasks.

About 5 years ago I tried to reposition Sensory7 to helping small business owners systemise their operatons. I developed strong networks in the personal development industry, but didn’t break through with my offer.

I learned a lot about the struggle small businesses experience trying to produce the volume of marketing content required to attract and engage customers. Most have to learn marketing alongside learning to run their business, which takes time.. Writing marketing content consistently is hard, and can take a small business owner over 50 days effort annually to manage active social media channels plus a blog, taking their focus from working in, or on, their business.

I used my systems expertise and experience to build SimpleMarketing.AI for these small businesses, designing it from the ground up to help them to content market consistently and successfully.

Sandy Broadus
Sandy BroadusDEI Strategist. Litigation Consultant. Community Builder. Change Maker
Presentation: Micro-aggressions and Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Sandy is an experienced Legal Management Consultant, DEI Strategist and community builder.

She has tried to verdict, settled and managed large-scale, high-profile litigation matters in the U.S. and globally and navigated courtrooms across the country. Her skills include managing the worldwide litigation portfolio, electronic discovery and oversight of outside counsel for a Fortune 50 company. She had previously served as the Business Practices and Ethics executive for global Compliance for one of its business units, strategizing and personally conducting Audits and employee trainings within the United States, as well as in person trainings of hundreds of employees in India and China.

From personal experience working in high level positions in largely white spaces, Sandy also can contribute knowledge and proven successes in DEI planning, providing personal perspective that is necessary to genuinely change corporate culture at all levels. She is a skilled strategist, proven leader, social justice activist and changemaker who inspires others to build a strong sense of community and to take direct actions to promote antiracism and anti-bias in their own workplaces and communities.

Sandy is also a well-established and in-demand public speaker and event moderator on substantive legal issues, successful DEI strategies and positively impacting underrepresented communities where we live and work. She is a well-respected educator with a committed following and strong credibility in these areas.

Karolyn Mckinley
Karolyn MckinleyChief Alchemist
Presentation: The Truth Map

Karolyn McKinley, MS, LMFT, is a psychotherapist, coach, and business mentor. She creates unique transformational experiences to assist her clients in living bolder, braver, more soulful and compassionate lives. She helps you connect to your deepest truth and inner knowing, so you can lead a divinely-inspired, joyful and abundant life.

Hans Groen
Hans GroenWeb Designer
Presentation:DIY Website Webinar

My name is Hans Groen. I’m a dutch graphic designer, living and working in Osnabrück, Germany. Currnetly I work as an all-in-one Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Programmer at Bright Idea, along with my wife Dr. Katja Brunkhorst. In our 1:1 client work I’m responsible for high-quality design, with implementation on- and offline. Digitally and analogously!

Through years of experience working in agencies as well as independently, I can offer a full range of design solutions. My Zone of Genius however, would definitely be creating tailor-made websites. My unique combination of both design and programming skills allows me to do so independently. Over the last couple of years I’ve worked on over 100 web projects, mainly in WordPress.

Jamie Palmer
Jamie PalmerBusiness Strategist & Business Coach
Presentation: Social Media Made Simple

Marketing Professional with expertise in strategic business development achieved through marketing and social media. Clear communicator able to synthesizes complex issues into messages that resonate with audiences and align with organizational goals, culture, vision, and values. A specialist in the integration of executive storying techniques into strategic communication.Recognized for in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Consulting, Financial, Hospitality and Professional Services. Acknowledged as a successful marketer and leader of individuals and corporate teams with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Highly informed in the wide variety of methods and techniques used in corporate training and adult learners. Expert at building highly engaged online communities with leadership techniques.Jamie has recently contributed to Effingham, IL winning the Google eCity of 2014 Award through her Brandfluence Social Media Program. She has spoken at the Environmental Business Council on Social Media and RI BAR Association to discuss “How Systematic Storying Can Help Lawyers Show Value in Sales Conversations.” Her other featured topics are: “Building Brand Ecosystems the Thrive.”, “Social Media Marketing ~ Monetize your Profiles” and “Understanding your Brand Ecosystem to Increase Sales.”

Sarah Lidwell-Durnin
Sarah Lidwell-DurninProduct Strategist
Presentation: Creating Beauty: Design, Make & Sell Your First Physical Product

I am an award-winning designer and product strategist with 10 years of physical and digital product design experience. My work has been stocked in luxury retailers all over the world, and now my focus is on teaching creative, ambitious women to launch successful physical product businesses of their own.

I am Irish, from Dublin, and live in beautiful Oxford, England, with my husband and two daughters.

When I started my design studio in 2010 I had no business experience, and taught myself everything I needed to know. This was before the days of Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify or any of the tools we take for granted today! Starting and growing my studio was a frustrating and expensive experience.

My entire business today is devoted to helping new business owners get up and running as smoothly and confidently as possible, offering design and business education in equal parts.

Lynayn Mielke
Lynayn MielkeTransformational Energy and Tea Practitioner-TEAler
Presentation:Tea Time for Entrepreneurs: How the power of tea can transform you and boost your abilities as an entrepreneur.

Lynayn Mielke is an Energy and Tea Practitioner, an Intuitive, and creator of The Well-Infused Life. The Well-Infused life is a transformative lifestyle program, incorporating all of Lynayn’s extensive training with her love and knowledge of tea.

She has a B.S. in Biological Psychology, a Master’s Degree in 5 Element Acupuncture, is a Certified Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Lynayn is additionally trained in multiple forms of meditation, and mindfulness techniques.

It is during her Master’s Degree studies that her research and experimentation with tea and it’s many restorative and energetic properties began. These studies led Lynayn, a tea lover at the age of 5, to being in the 1st group ever in the United States, of Certified Tea Specialists in 2003. She has spoken at The World Tea Expo, the Tea Industry trade show, in 2017 and 2018, and has and continues to conduct Tea as Meditation classes throughout the U.S. at retreats and seminars.

Lynayn is currently teaching Tea as Meditation one on one via Zoom and in person (when allowed) and doing intuitively curated personal tea blends. She is also taking clients into her Well-Infused Life program as space permits.

Kristin Houser
Kristin HouserBranding Strategist & Business Coach
Presentation:Branding Power with Pinterest

Kristin Houser | Branding Strategist & Business Coach

Create an authentic and cohesive brand image.
Plan and execute an effective marketing strategy.
Grow your business beyond your expectations.

Growth Specialist and Marketing Strategist| I help entrepreneurs to clarify their goals, attract their ideal customer, utilize proven systems for scaling, and create a roadmap for success.

Trudy Simmons
Trudy SimmonsClarity and Productivity Business Coach
Presentation: From Procrastination to feeling Productive

Trudy Simmons is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach for women entrepreneurs with a truckload of empathy and a little bit of hard arse!

She is able to help you find out WHAT you want to do; WHY you want to do it; and HOW to get it DONE!

She loves to show her audience of entrepreneurial and business women the way to becoming more successful by getting clarity, taking action and following through. Trudy has 20 years of experience in helping people move from being stuck and not knowing the next step, to getting their shizzle DONE! She does this by finding and harnessing your strengths and removing your weaknesses.
She knows what keeps you up at night – the thousand ideas that are germinating in your brain – and she knows how to sort them into “no go”, “maybe later”, and “hells yes” and get done what is really important to your success.

Helen Soutar
Helen SoutarBusiness Strategist & Resilience Coach
Presentation: Build Your Resilience to Build Your Business

Helen has been working with resilience for almost 15 years and developed The Resilience Formula to provide a process for learning how to be more resilient.

Helen has a degree in Accounting, is single mum to two boys (soon to be men!) who are both home educated and has been self-employed for 14 years.

When not working or educating Harry and Kit, Helen can usually be found pottering around her garden, audible book on, cup of tea nearby.

Brigette Iarusso,
Brigette Iarusso, International Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer
Presentation:Disrupting BS in online business space

Brigette is on a mission to disrupt business as usual in the coaching, consulting and conscious business industries. 

She helps diverse entrepreneurs elevate their business model, with a specific focus on lead generation and sales strategies, so that they can increase their income and their impact in total integrity. 

She also supports founders and CEO’s to scale their time as leaders and build the culture, processes and teams that will help them grow sustainably and equitably. 

Her business model is grounded in equity and inclusion and racial justice.

She is involved in global social entrepreneurship initiatives that center and create opportunities for Black, Indigeous, People of Color and LatinX communities. 

She is half Puerto Rican and half Italian and speaks Spanish fluently. 

She has taught Entrepreneurial Leadership and designed business programs at UC Berkeley for over 8 years and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world through her in-person and online training and speaking events.

Brigette was born and raised in New York by a Puerto Rican mom and Italian-American dad. 

Her work has spanned three continents and ten countries. Brigette works with social enterprises, accelerators, non-profits, government institutions, and academia. 

She has led hundreds of group workshops and delivered training and coaching in both English and Spanish. My mission is to make deep authentic connections with people from widely diverse backgrounds.

Brigette is on fire with the purpose of connecting and accelerating entrepreneurial leaders and change agents that are driven by more than just profit. 

She helps them to elevate their mindset, their strategy, and their leadership so that they can earn an abundant living while making a positive impact on people and planet. 

She is particularly committed to helping coaches, consultants and service business leaders to attract more clients and sell more with integrity and real social impact. 

She helps businesses that are building a bigger team to create equitable and inclusive organizational cultures where diverse people can thrive and contribute their full value. 

She has taught Entrepreneurial Leadership and designed business programs at UC Berkeley for over 8 years and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world through her in-person and online training and speaking events. 

She has a social impact business model with a clear focus on equity and inclusion. Brigette offers sponsorship and pro bono coaching to groups under-represented in the space of business with a particular focus on access for Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other Women of Color.

Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson
Presentation:Success Has Nothing to do with the Law of Attraction

Janet Johnson, MBA is a Profit Mindset Coach who helps women entrepreneurs create order, peace, and prosperity so they can provide for themselves and the ones they love. She began her relationship with money when she was only 12 years old, helping her family manage the business finances in their metal parts factory. She now has over 30 years of experience managing money/cash flow, teaching small business owners, and organizing pledge drives for a church.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Quinnipiac University. She further developed her Lean Tools knowledge at Central Connecticut State University and QuickBooks knowledge from Intuit. A life-long learner, Janet is now enrolled in a Money Breakthrough Coaching Certification Course.

Janet’s pronouns are she/her. As a first-generation Filipina American mom, she strives to teach her children the importance of acknowledging all people’s capabilities and brilliance. She is a proud, magnet school parent, who dismisses the importance of high test scores. Instead, she puts much more stock and faith in collaboration, inclusiveness, and lifting one another up.

Sarah Lakhani
Sarah LakhaniClarity and Productivity Business Coach
Presentation: Business Model Innovation

Sarah is a business coach and strategy consultant. Although she spent 15 years as a management consultant working for multinational brands, she always knew she would start and run her own successful business one day.

Today, Sarah helps entrepreneurs go from frustrated and unmotivated to excited and confident. She uses her business knowledge to help entrepreneurs and small business owners design and run their most successful businesses using strategic business design. This includes clarifying and strengthening their business idea, vision and business model, building a compelling brand strategy, developing a business strategy and roadmap and designing a customer experience that drives loyalty.

She works with both service and product based businesses, and offer 1:1 coaching, group programs and will soon be launching a signature 12-week program.