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Joey Chandler
Joey ChandlerPurpose Coach
Presentation #1: Before you do anything, get clear on your purpose

Presentation #2: It all starts with your purpose

Willow Bradner
Willow BradnerThe Accidental Psychic
Presentation: How to create a Passive income with your Service Based business using online platforms.
Michelle Warner
Michelle WarnerFounder, Business Designer
Presentation: Networking That Pays
Kathy Campbell
Kathy CampbellThe Business Unicorn
Presentation #1: How to Train Your Unicorn

Sarah Michael
Sarah MichaelSparkling Results Coaching
Presentation #1: Sales Confidence in Changing Times

Beverley Theresa
Beverley TheresaThrowdown Social Media
Presentation: The Running Your Biz Online Toolbox

Lisa Robbin Young
Lisa Robbin YoungArk Entertainment Media
Presentation: How to build a successful business by being yourself
Caelin Aerin
Caelin AerinTouchstone Copy
Presentation: PIVOT! How to change your messaging so it’s EXACTLY what your customer needs to hear (even in the middle of a pandemic)
Courtney Tarrant
Courtney TarrantFacebook Ads Expert
Presentation #1: How to Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads
Presentation #2: My One Tactic. that Created $1 Million for My Clients in 2019
Presentation #3: Should I be Advertising Right Now?
Jacqueline Biollo
Jacqueline BiolloAurora Strategy Group
Presentation #1: Bringing about change from a community perspective
Presentation #2: Embracing Possibility
Presentation #3: Bridging the Gap between Leadership and Community

Veronica Yanhs
Veronica YanhsBusiness Laid Bare
Presentation #1: How to Create Orgasmic-Feeling Processes That Increase Your Business Income and Impact

Colleen Heidecker
Colleen HeideckerColleen's Chocolates
Presentation #1: Quick Pivot – How to Change Fast in Tumultuous Times
Presentation #2: How my network saved my business and how you can build yours now.

Matthew Soloman
Matthew SolomanThe Coach for the Modern Soul
Presentation: Listening, Partnership and a Culture of Inclusion
Erin Neuhardt
Erin NeuhardtEvent Strategist and Speaker Agent
Presentation: Pivoting to Purpose: The Silver Lining Case Study
Jessica Terzakis
Jessica TerzakisBusiness Advisor, Business Owner
Presentation: Ideas to Income: How to Package Your Expertise For Consistent Monthly Income
Dr. Katie Henry
Dr. Katie Henry
Katie Kozlowski
Katie Kozlowski
Presentation: Learning to create a conscious connection within

Rena Rachar
Rena RacharC oach
Presentation: Emotional Intelligence 101
Mark Dowhaniuk
Mark DowhaniukBusiness Owner, Destination Gardens o/a Not Your Babas
Presentation: Collaboration and pivoting in this new dynamic with a focus on the Food Industry
Elizabeth Sherman
Elizabeth ShermanTotal Health by Elizabeth
Presentation: Modern Day Stress Management
Nicoline Huizinga
Nicoline HuizingaVisibility Strategist, Coach, Speaker and Author
Presentation: How To Become A Fearless Online Client Magnet
Maeve O'Byrne
Maeve O'ByrneEntrepreneur, Coach and Facilitator
Presentation: Planning for a New Future
Daphne Cote
Daphne CoteArtist
Presentation: Awareness of Time & Money
Jeff Angel
Jeff AngelPrincipal of the Centre for Crisis and Risk Communications
Presentation: How to communicate in high stress environments Simple science-backed tools for business communication success
Celine Richter
Celine RichterCommunication Consultant (CMP), Leadership Expert
Presentation: How to communicate in high stress environments Simple science-backed tools for business communication success
Julianna Bootsman
Julianna BootsmanWhite Box Leadership
Presentation #1: The Relationship Between Being and Doing
Presentation #2: Leadership: The Loving Way
Kate Carman
Kate CarmanFounder & Creative Director, Rabble Rouse Creative
Presentation: Amplify Your Online Presence
Stephanie Shantz
Stephanie ShantzEntrepreneur, Coach and Facilitator
Presentation: Make Headlines
Jackie Christensen
Jackie Christensen
Presentation: Leading Through Crisis
Jennifer Harter
Jennifer HarterFinancial Educator
Presentation: Preparing for Retirement As An Entrepreneur
Rebecca Prowse
Rebecca ProwsePotter, Business Owner
Presentation: Pivoting with a strong network
Kiki Stanton
Kiki StantonCoach, Consultant
Presentation: Rediscover a life that suits you?
Gabi Garrett
Gabi GarrettWriter, Inspiration
Presentation: How to Write Your Way to the Top
Kimberley Taylor
Kimberley TaylorMoney Mindset Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner
Presentation: Better Thoughts, More Money: How to Release The Fears Blocking You From More Income
Crystal Webster
Crystal WebsterMother, Founder, Author
Panel: Managing the Grieving Process
Aj Smit
Aj SmitMermaid, Joy Productions
Presentation: Burn Bright, not Burn Out
Elisa Lagrange
Elisa LagrangeMulticultural Marketer
Presentation #1: Make sales w/o playing the guessing game
Presentation #2: Master your mindset
Judi Fox
Judi FoxLinkedIn Business Accelerator
Presentation: Accelerate your Small Business on LinkedIn
Darlene Hawley
Darlene HawleyOnline Business Coach
Presentation: How to Write Your Way to the Top
Hazel June Maceda
Hazel June MacedaOnline Trainer
Presentation: How to Launch Your 1st Course Minus the Tech Stress, Content Overwhelm or Cost on Ads
Emily O'Brien
Emily O'BrienPhotographer
Panel: Your Brand in Photos
Jenna Reiss
Jenna ReissBreathwork Meditation
Presentation: Breathwork Meditation for the WISE & WILD HEARTED SELF :: healing from old stories and living, creating, running your business from your heart.
Jeff Haley
Jeff HaleyConsultant
Presentation: Your Business, the Hero’s Journey and COVID-19
Marissa Loewen
Marissa LoewenTransformational Business Coach
Presentation: How to Ask Powerful Questions to Pivot

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